Friday, May 15, 2020

Subconscious Health Reframe

90% of our mental operating system stems from our subconscious, which is a product of all the experiences of our past.  Our family of origin, parents, relationships, careers, self image all "live" here.
If you are experiencing any feelings of depression, fear, anxiety, relationship distress, or just feel the need for grounding and affirmation,  Hypnotherapy is very effective via virtual meetings.  We can still see each other face to face originally, address your confidential and personal wonderings, and reframe any uncertainties/blocks to create a more positive and affirming spirit.
My usual 4-session requirement is waived during this time, and I am here for you at any time, via facetime or zoom...Your peace is my goal.  Blessings to All!  Love, Barbra



These are challenging times indeed.  It is normal to feel anxious when isolated, especially when it is not our choice, and there is so much uncertainty surrounding the duration and intensity and future. It is an important time to remember self care; whether that means prayer or meditation, getting outdoors to see people safely, or reaching out to someone in need.  The healing and grounding and aligning capability of essential oils can be diffused or inhaled from a drop on your hands. They can aid emotional, respiratory and immune support.

If you would like help in knowing what essential oils might help your specific needs, please feel free to contact me for a free consultation.  I would be honored to help.
Be well!!

·        Produced by plants to protect from bacteria and fungus, insect attack, and decay.

·        Extracted from various parts of natural plant material (flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, wood, etc…) by steam distillation or cold pressing.

·        When you smell a rose blossom or lemon rind or fresh rosemary, you are smelling pure essential oil!

It is important to use good quality essential oils (the blends I make for my clients all come from pure organic essential oils from all over the world, all of which come with a chemical testing report as to their purity and efficacy.

I am here for you! 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Ginger to the Rescue! MIGRAINE help also!

Ginger root has strong anti-inflammatory properties, settles the stomach, helps with nausea, and aids in digestion. For those that deal with Migraine attacks, it’s an all-around powerhouse and must-have addition to your pantry (and purse!). 4 SIMPLE WAYS TO USE GINGER FOR MIGRAINE Research has shown that ginger powder can play a huge role in curbing migraine attacks: taking a half teaspoon of ginger in a little warm water at the onset of a Migraine attack has been shown to be as effective as taking sumatriptan, a commonly prescribed Migraine abortive. Alternatively, here are five ways you can turn to ginger if you feel an attack coming on. 1 – Essential Oils. If your Migraine attacks come with an upset stomach, digestive issues, or nausea, try using PURE ginger essential oil. Rub a few drops along your inner wrists, where the points to your stomach channel are and along the stomach where the discomfort is felt. 2 – Ginger Candies. For something fast and easy to carry in your purse, car, or grab from your desk drawer, try ginger candies. Made from all-natural ginger, but put into delicious candy form, these are the perfect thing to pop into your mouth to settle your stomach or when you feel a Migraine attack beginning. Plus, they are safe to use for relief while pregnant. I always take on airplanes. 3- Ayurvedic Mask. Ayurvedic medicine, the healing modality for balancing mind, body, and spirit in India, suggests creating a strategically placed face mask with ginger powder to treat a Migraine attack. The mask is simple to make and calming to use: Add warm water to organic ginger powder, make it into a paste, and dab it lightly along your forehead and temples. Rest in a quiet, dark room or somewhere calming. 4 – Fresh Ginger for Migraine Relief. Incorporate fresh ginger root into your diet and routine. Here are some simple ways to use the real thing: Add fresh sliced ginger to a cup of tea, or Whip up a smoothie. Have fun experimenting with ingredients that are complementary to your taste buds, or if you’re looking for a good combo to start with, try tossing spinach, kale, pineapple, pear, coconut water (which is super hydrating), and an inch of shaved ginger into the blender. A Sante!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Breathe out Stress/Breathe in Peace

First, Identify daily activities, situations or interactions where you think breathing ease and taking a quiet pause could be helpful. There are many situations that create stress in people’s lives that they take for granted because it seems normal. You can breathe ease in these situations and take charge of your energy. Here is a small list of important times for remembering to breathe ease. Before responding to a vexing e-mail. When overwhelmed with too much to do. While stuck in traffic and running late for an appointment. As your computer reboots. While discerning important issues or choices. When life’s challenges are coming in faster than solutions. When you get caught in other people’s drama and can’t leave the room (breathing ease can help you detach from the energetics and not get pulled in). During meetings – breathe ease for deeper listening, better comprehension, more patience and to stay emotionally poised. But if you lose your composure, breathing ease helps you re-center, especially if you get caught up in frustrations and judgments. After you learn to (meditate and?) breathe ease, you’ll find there are many situations where, while breathing ease, you can imagine that you are drawing in higher quality emotional attitudes which promote health, balance and self-security. Try breathing the feeling of nonjudgment, kindness, forgiveness, increased resilience, compassion, etc. Anchoring these positive emotional qualities has been proven to help transform stress on the spot, along with their wholeness health benefits.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Colds & Flu Season

Health professionals in 36 states have already reported widespread influenza activity. One way to protect your family (besides hand washing, hydration and diet) is with the use of Essential Oils. I make chest rubs, diffuser blends, inhaler blends, bath salts and more, to help keep your immunity up, as well as comfort measures if you do get sick. I personally love using inhalers for sinus issues, as well as travelling to keep the cooties at bay. Wishing you wellness in 2018! Love, Barbra

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Changing Seasons

Is it time to grow into the You you were meant to be? Be different! Be Yourself! (everyone else is taken) I would love to journey with you into your best season yet ...